What is Colocation?

In a colocation environment, your servers and devices are kept in a highly secured, third-party, enterprise-grade data center. Crystal Technologies partners with colocation data center operators that are geographically dispersed and selected for its state-of-the-art highly secured facilities, highly connected network points, with space, power and compliance-readiness. 

  • Full control over the server environment, monitoring temperature, humidity and filtration;
  • Access to redundant power sources and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) backup;
  • Fully monitored by 24×7 around-the-clock facility security;
  • Highly secured protection with central data storage, backups, firewall and DDoS attack mitigation.

Colocation services enable you take advantage of a superior datacenter infrastructure, without relinquishing control of, and secure private access to, your servers and equipment.

Scalable Data Services for CoLocation Facilities

Colocation Facilities

Managed hosting colocation and server colocation in world-class data centers. We emphasize high performance with the best in backup and disaster recovery.

Colocated Servers

The Advantages of Colocation Services

The business and data security advantages of colocation are numerous:

  • Access advanced infrastructure at an affordable rate.
  • Enjoy greater bandwidth.
  • Decrease latency and increase connectivity.
  • Rest easy with constant data protection and security.
  • Gain business continuity and scalability.
  • Maintain complete control over your servers and applications.
  • All for a fraction of the cost of operating a private data center.

Outsource the IT Infrastructure You Need

Our colocation services make your business resilient to disasters and security threats, while saving you money, time, and space. Ask us how colocation can support continual business growth today.