Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Get a Handle On Your Expenses With Telecom Expense Management Services

Businesses struggle to effectively manage domestic and global telecom wireline and wireless expenses for many reasons. Accounts Payable seldom has access to the proper inventory and contractual pricing of services. The sheer number of carriers, invoices, invoice cycles, billing formats, and service types make bill review, reconciliation, optimization, and on-time payment a challenge.

We have successfully handled over $100 million in expense management for our clients. If your business is looking at telecom expense management services as a cost-cutting option, let Crystal Technologies uncover the opportunities that exist in each invoice, each contract and even each call.

Fully Customizable Telecom Expense Management Services

Through our best in class telecom provider partners, Crystal Technologies helps businesses automate telecom expense management resulting in hard dollar savings and reduced soft costs associated with the time and resources spent managing these expenditures. Our telecom expense management services enable your business to automate the administrative functions associated with domestic and global wireline and wireless services, as well.

You may be surprised at the number of telecom expense management services that we can handle for you:

  • Invoice management
  • Inventory management
  • Contract management
  • Order management
  • Usage management
  • Asset tracking

This list just scratches the surface of the robust, cost-saving telecom expense management services we offer. In addition, we provide invoice audit, validation, allocation, optimization, recovery, and payment applications. We combine our experienced auditing staff with Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software to design and implement the right telecom expense management services solution for your business.

Advanced Invoice Processing & Payment
Advanced Invoice Processing & Payment

We take the stress out of invoice validation and increase your rate of on-time payments. Crystal Technologies has the in-house accounting and telecom expertise to review invoices, validate charges, make on-time payments, and recover incorrect charges. Services range from a simple invoice validation and payment system to a comprehensive telecommunications expense management services platform. Plus, our clients are able to consolidate multiple billing formats such as paper, EDI, and CD invoices into a single manageable tool for AP/GL systems.

Contract Compliance Made Easy
Contract Compliance Made Easy

Invoices for telecom services are often inaccurate. Too often, businesses invest time, money, and resources into contract negotiations, only to find that what they have negotiated is not reflected on the invoice. Our compliance audit services provide the expertise and resources necessary to perform a detailed analysis of carrier invoices and contracts. An inventory of services with associated usages and fixed costs is compared to the contracted rates and discounts. Clients can use this information to manage the carrier into compliance, or to outsource services.

Defend Your Business Telecommunications Expense Management Services
Defend Your Business Telecommunications Expense Management Services

Let Crystal Technologies’ experts defend your contracts and keep your payments accurate. Ask us how our telecommunications expense management services can make a difference for your organization today.

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