RFP and Contract Negotiation

Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Contract Negotiation

Creating an RFP, evaluating vendor responses, and contract negotiation can be a complicated and time-consuming exercise. Crystal Technologies manages a structured competitive bidding process to maximize your negotiating ability and purchase power, and to deliver consistent vendor responses on time. Our industry intelligence and team of experts ensures that your procurement decision is based on your unique business strategy, technical requirements, budget, and other buying criteria.

With the proliferation of network service providers, navigating the competitive telecom industry is difficult. Crystal Technologies puts the experience, intelligence and talents of our team together to analyze your phone and data line expenses, and help you deliver RFPs and negotiate contracts that bring the best services and cost savings to your business. And we can explain the costs in clear terms, so you can see your bottom line.

Request for Proposal Services

Request for Proposal (RFP) Services

When you need to get the best rates, without sacrificing the quality of your services, Crystal Technologies can manage the bidding and selection process. RFPs have become the standard for enterprises ready to renew, rethink, resource and update their network and telecom services.

RFPs are an opportunity to optimize your business systems, whether you want to move from sole-sourcing to multi-sourcing, consolidate vendors, refresh technology, improve performance and security, or seek out the best in cost savings.

When Should You Issue An RFP?

  • When a service contract has expired, or is about to expire.
  • When you suspect you are paying too much.
  • When you want to benchmark vendors and pricing models.
  • When a provider simply isn’t doing enough for you anymore.
  • When you want to consolidate telecom and data vendors.
  • When your technology is failing or out of date.
  • When you need to prove the value of new services to your company.

Expert Telecom Contract Negotiations

With 20 years experience negotiating contracts for our clients, Crystal Technologies is intimately familiar with the full range of carrier’s programs and policies. Let us shield you from a barrage of pitches, and vendors’ sometimes complicated and misleading negotiation tactics. We will save you time and money as we deftly negotiate a custom agreement to get you the best in quality and savings.

Carriers can be ruthless when it comes to contract negotiation. In their highly competitive industry, they will fight for revenue and do everything in their power to lock you into long-term contracts. After conducting countless carrier contract negotiations, Crystal Technologies’ experts have the insight and skill to get you a best-outcome contract.

Start the RFP or Contract Negotiations Process Today

We know that you are the buyer and you have the power, and we won’t bend when it comes to meeting your needs and budget. Ask a Crystal Technologies carrier RFP and contract negotiation expert how you can get more from your telecom solutions today.