Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications Made Simple

Wireless communication has the power to make your workplace more collaborative, mobile, and secure. But realizing that potential can be daunting as wireless communication initiatives often require multiple devices, such as cellular phones, AirCards, PDAs, and several distinct carriers.

Crystal Technologies is here to transform the way your business communicates by deploying a rich array of wireless solutions to support field force automation, fleet management, and much more.

Together with our partners, we provide:

  • ROI analysis of wireless applications
  • Wireless services procurement and provisioning
  • Asset tracking
  • Invoice reporting and optimization
  • Help desk support

Wireless Communications

Improve Productivity, Mobility, Customer Service, and More

Go wireless to boost the productivity and collaboration of your teams. Wireless communications solutions can enable employees to access documents, emails, applications, and inventory from anywhere, at any time.

The same solutions make you more responsive to customers, and let you address questions and concerns right away with the right information. You can also greatly improve your real-time network, fleet, and inventory management by connecting vehicles, warehouses, and products to the wireless solutions. Add users as needed and effortlessly expand your network as business grows.

Choose Wireless Wisely

Access our comprehensive technical resources at a single point of contact to make a knowledgeable decision about which wireless communications services to use for your business. Ask our wireless communications experts for advice today.