Telecom and IT Audit

Let Our Telecom and IT Audit Services Advocate For Your Business

Companies are consistently challenged from an Accounts Payable and IT perspective to effectively identify telecom inventory and to manage costs. Accounting is tasked with making sure that bills are paid on time ((however, in many cases, they don’t have an understanding of the services on the invoice). If the invoices are consistent with those from the prior month, they are usually assumed to be correct and are paid. Telecommunications and IT audit services are your best line of defense against wrongful charges.

The Telecom or Information Technology Department is typically responsible for ordering, implementing, and managing services; however, in many cases, they don’t have access to invoices (or the time) to confirm that charges are consistent with the contracted rates. The lack of cohesion between departments, combined with  invoices that are confusing or incorrect, results in a significantly inflated telecom and IT expenditures.

Tested & Proven Audit Services

The fact is, an intensive audit of your current state including a review of telecom vendors and spend should be the first step in securing or upgrading new telecom features and systems. Crystal Technologies provides a team of professionals who have a cross-section of accounting, telecom and IT expertise to assist companies in driving unnecessary costs out of the business.

Our Telecom and IT Audit Services Experts Are Experienced In:


Identifying inventory and associated costs


Working with your carriers and providers to gather necessary documentation, including customer service records

Impact Evaluation

Evaluating the impact of changes in technology, vendors, price plans, and network configurations


Managing the implementation of all approved changes


Proving savings via written documentation


Sharing a clear description of our work, along with the methodology used to achieve our results

Capture Savings and Prevent Mistakes

Crystal Technologies helps businesses save money by auditing telecom spend, recovering overpayments resulting from billing errors, and implementing wireline and wireless optimization strategies. We then work with you to establish an ongoing system that will prevent similar mistakes from costing your company money in the future.

A telecom and IT audit can recover costs by identifying multiple mistakes and hidden charges:

Carrier Violations

Carrier violations of terms of agreements

Unnecessary Service Features

Unnecessary service features tacked on to your bill

Duplicate Charges

Duplicate charges

Continued Charges

Continued charges from a now shuttered business facility

One Time Fees and Charges

“One-time” fees and service charges

+ More

+ More

Protect Your Bottom Line With Telecommunications Audit Services

Our telecommunications audit services are good for your bottom line, and ensure that you are able to keep investing your budget in the vendors and services that work best for you. Ask us how your business can capture savings today.