Case Study: Leading Global Engineering Firm – 100 sites


“An initial audit by Crystal of wireline and wireless services lead to an 18% reduction in telecom spend and a 33% reduction in invoice count. Subsequent to the initial audit project, Crystal performed an RFP for wireline only which drove an additional 24.5% in savings. They continue to be a partner that provides relevant impact to the organization.”

IT Infrastructure Manager


  • Due to significant organic growth within the business that required constant upgrades and changes to the telecom infrastructure, our client was challenged to manage the inventory and spend of multiple network and wireless providers.
  • Our client needed to reduce cost and consolidate the number of invoices.
  • Our client needed to prepare for an enterprise-wide RFP.
  • Our client needed proactive and reactive support in managing network changes, trouble, and billing.


  • Crystal managed an independent audit of all telecom spend throughout the enterprise to identify inventory, review contract compliance, and implement changes necessary to reduce cost and consolidate invoices.
  • Crystal managed an RFP and assisted in the network migration of voice and data carriers resulting from the RFP.
  • Crystal provides Crystal Care support for voice and data services.


  • A complete inventory of wireline and wireless services and associated spend per site, per invoice.
  • All contracts are in compliance.
  • An 18% reduction in telecom expense from the audit.
  • Invoice count was reduced by 33%.
  • A 24.5% reduction in telecom spend from the RFP.
  • Soft dollar savings in human resource appreciated through Crystal’s ongoing lifecycle support.


  • Audit
  • RFP
  • Carrier Services Support thru Crystal Care
  • Help Desk non Carrier Services