Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Flexibility, Performance, and Control

Access your desktop and computing resources in the cloud. Our infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions can be utilized to create the most cost effective and scalable IT environment possible for your business. Let Crystal Technologies handle the complexities of cloud computing, maintain the underlying hardware and servers, and optimize the performance and security of your websites, applications, data and storage.

Say goodbye to on-premise hardware, expand your resources on demand, and consolidate IT costs into one predictable fee.

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

With IaaS, we give our clients virtualized computing resources over your WAN, the public Internet, hosting your hardware, software, servers, storage and more. But we don’t stop there: Your virtualized infrastructure is carefully monitored and maintained, and we’re ready to scale and adjust your resources the moment you need it. You also receive automated data backup, disaster recovery services, and more, all customized to your business needs and growth.

IaaS can make your business more agile and resilient when you use it to:

  • Store and protect business and customer data.
  • Run enterprise applications.
  • Host your email and web properties.
  • Gain the redundancy of a network of servers.
  • Scale in response to growing website and network demands.
  • And much more!

Core Capabilities of Crystal Technologies’ IaaS

The capabilities of our IaaS solutions are wide ranging and customizable. Here we will highlight just a few of the benefits and services we provide:

Enhanced cloud hosting capabilities

Enhanced cloud hosting capabilities to support your enterprise IT infrastructure.

Scalability without delay

Scalability without delay, whether you need to add server capacity, or cut back to avoid wasting resources.

Location independence

Location independence allows you to access your network and applications from anywhere you have a secure internet connection.

Highly secure and fully maintained data centers

Highly secure and fully maintained data centers.

Network backup, failover, and redundancy

Network backup, failover, and redundancy so you never risk losing critical business data.

And Much More

Much more…

Hand Pick Your Ideal IaaS Solution

Combined with any number of our custom managed services, for security, disaster recovery, unified communications, and more, you can build an IaaS solution that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Ask us about the full extent of our IaaS offerings today.