I’m delighted to recommend the Crystal Technologies Group to all companies in need of telecommunications help. Over the past years, we have worked directly with the Crystal team to develop a telecommunications vision, strategy and plan for both voice and data services. The overall objective was to improve our telecommunication cost, performance and service offerings to the corporation and its subsidiaries. It is with great pleasure that I am able to state we are meeting all of the objectives.

The ability to develop a vision and strategy are easy, but the execution is what really pays off. The Crystal team came into our business and had to quickly understand our structure, culture and current telecommunications services and cost.

This was no easy task since we had way too many providers, too many invoices, and too few internal resources to help. Once Crystal understood the landscape, they quickly put a plan together to address the issues ranging from carrier rationalization, dated contracts, and replacing dated processes and solutions. Not only did they recommend short term fixes but also long term solutions that will prevent the issues from recurring. Crystal’s ability to assist in the implementation of the solutions made it work for us. Crystal was not looking for the next job but how to prevent the next job from occurring. Through the years, Crystal has proven themselves a true partner and not just another vender. I recommend them without hesitation; will continue to use Crystal for all our telecommunications projects.

From CIO – Nation’s Largest National Utility Services Corporation

Prior to meeting Crystal, we were a rather large customer of a large carrier that left us unhappy with customer service, chronically stuck in contract shortfall and with uncompetitive rates. We are a highly transactional telecom user. The carrier’s support team could not keep up with our requests, billing problems would never go away and we lost patience with them. We decided that we were going to transition away at the end of the contract.

I was really impressed with Crystal from our first meeting. We contacted some of their customers and were very happy with what they had to say. Each person we spoke to told us that they were most appreciative of Crystal’s honesty and integrity. That was very important to us. We had a lot of work for Crystal to do, and they did a superb job. Crystal assisted in working with us to resolve outstanding issues that we had with our carrier contract. They also ran our RFP for WAN and LD traffic. The RFP experience was excellent. We selected a new carrier for our network and saved over 180K annually. Crystal managed the migration without a glitch. They took complete ownership of the process and made sure that everything was done perfectly to minimize any possibility of failure.

Crystal continues to support us. My responsibility is telecom. Crystal is a tremendous resource for me. Crystal has identified thousands of dollars of billing errors that I never would have uncovered. Their response time is excellent. They continually monitor my invoices to make sure that they are 100% correct. I have been in a pinch and have called Crystal on evenings and weekends–and they always have responded immediately. They even called in a trouble ticket for us so that we would not have to leave our department party and updated us on the situation until we could finish dinner and get back to the office. You don’t find that kind of customer service any place else. I think the world of Crystal and would recommend them to anyone who requires excellent customer service, support, experience and integrity.

From Director Of Telecommunications – Leading Global Publisher Of Information On Healthy, Active Lifestyles

Crystal provides consulting services to our firm for: wireless and wireline network, invoice review, processing and rate mgt., teleconference mgt., third-party vendor mgt. & relocation mgt.

They had the willingness, capability, and expertise to work with our organization to drive down our telecommunications expense. Together, we cut $1,100,000 of gross telecommunications expense over a 3-year period. The project goal over this period was $400,000. Crystal exceeded our goal, not in a subjective way but in a true, objective way in terms of $700,000. We always worked directly with providers in the past but constantly suffered by not having a strategic overview of our spending.

Crystal brought this capability to our organization, and the results speak for themselves. No one believes that there are savings of the magnitude we experienced in their organization; but they are probably wrong like we were. The best approach is to give Crystal one project and review the results. If the results are successful, continue to move additional services to their organization. Once the trust factor is established, the results will exceed all expectation.

From Director Of Telecommunications – Global Pharma, Biotech, And Medical Contract Research Organization

Our organization began a detailed review of our worldwide expenses, with an objective to eliminate unnecessary services and reduce our overall spending. This was a daunting and extremely time-consuming task for which we (and many companies) lack internal resources and expertise to understand various tariffs, rate structures, and service charges.

We engaged Crystal Technologies to assist in this effort due to their extensive industry experience, as well as their solid working relationships with our key telecommunications providers.

Crystal provided experienced, dedicated resources to review our voice communications infrastructure.  As a result of their review, Crystal has been able to assist us in negotiating significantly improved rate plans, replacing local phone service vendors and improving the level of education of our staff to assure that each employee does their part to eliminate unnecessary calls and utilize favorable rate plans.

As part of their attention to detail, Crystal not only recommends cost-reducing actions, but also reviews all downstream invoices to assure that the new billings reflect the reduced rates/charges and that any credits due are received. As a result of Crystal’s assistance thus far, we have realized very significant one-time and permanent reductions in the cost of our U.S. voice expenses, recovering their entire fee within the first few months of implementation. In addition to their work in the U.S., Crystal currently is assisting us to conduct a similar review of our international phone expenses.

If a business were considering a similar review of its voice communications services, I certainly would recommend that they consider Crystal Technologies to provide the level of professional expertise and attention to detail that has been essential to our success.

From EVP And CIO, Global IT – Global Pharma, Biotech, And Medical Contract Research Organization

Crystal Technologies has not only been tenacious in their pursuit of cost savings for our company, but is equally adept at quantifying and communicating their results to senior management. Crystal consistently has exceeded my expectations, and I would recommend their services without reservation to any company concerned with reducing its telecommunications costs.

From Senior Vice President – North America’s Leader In Intermodal Trucking

We choose Crystal to collect and evaluate carrier quotes and to provide ongoing customer service after carrier selection.

The sales team narrowed down our list of possible vendors, meeting all of our requirements and lowering our costs. Ongoing, we send questions/changes/concerns to Crystal, knowing that Crystal will follow up and get results. This has freed up my time to concentrate on other projects, which has proven a huge benefit. (We’ve found that each direct contact with a telecom vendor averages 30 minutes, so now my time isn’t spent going through menu prompts and waiting for assistance.)
We have a dedicated team to help us, but everyone at Crystal is accessible if needed, right up to the managing partners. Our dedicated team has set up customized methods of sharing information and tracking activity for all 500 sites.

Crystal is diligent in the preparation of new installations and works with you after the installation to ensure all matters are complete, accurate and satisfactory. Every detail is considered before and after implementation. I have and will continue to recommend Crystal. They care about having us as a customer and strive to answer all of our questions and concerns.

From Telecommunications Manager – National Retailer 

Crystal’s straightforward approach to their business made the process of moving to a new telecom less intimidating. They exceeded my expectations with their implementation, migration to new carrier and clean-up of past carrier accounts. They also met the proposed percentage of savings and are a huge improvement in customer support and account organization. They saved us valuable time in handling and organizing the telecom situation for all of our locations. Response time is immediate whenever a problem or question comes up. I am a fan. Crystal has made my job a lot easier during this transition.

From The Corporate LAN Administrator – International Commercial, Medical, And Aerospace Engineering Firm

After an internal assessment revealed that our organization did not have the expertise to navigate the market, we decided to bring in outside assistance…. Multiple sources were interviewed for industry expertise, cost and ability to execute. Crystal finished first in every category.

Crystal assembled the RFP, put the package on the street, and assisted in the evaluation process. Additionally, Crystal led the implementation effort with a documented program management strategy. Crystal has been able to measure and document the savings the sourcing action provided.

I have worked with other telecom companies, and the differentiator for Crystal is that their team has the ability to speak truthfully and deliver on their commitments. They have the expertise to deliver measurable savings to an organization while allowing an organization to focus on what it does best.

From Global Sourcing Manager – International Commercial, Medical, And Aerospace Engineering Firm

We are a public company with operations and facilities around the globe. We were not satisfied with our current network situation and decided to consider our options. It did not take us long to understand the amount of time and internal resources it would take to manage an RFP, negotiate contracts and manage the implementation of a new voice and data network.

We had limited time and contracted with Crystal to manage the entire project. Crystal Technologies delivered! They were fast and efficient, and their deliverables far exceeded our expectations. They owned the entire project and provided us the type of information that made it easy for us to make an intelligent business decision. We depended on their professionalism, experience and expertise.

From IT Director – Global Manufacturing Company Of Industrial Batteries And Electronics

I am very pleased about our continuing relationship with Crystal Technologies. Over the past several years, they have been extremely helpful in a myriad of projects including choosing local, long distance, and data providers, affording us the lowest prices with the most reliable service. To that end, Crystal performed a comprehensive audit of our voice and data land line accounts. This not only provided us with a complete inventory, but resulted in substantial annual savings. Crystal is currently engaged in a similar project with all of our wireless services.

Everyone at Crystal is a true professional, dedicated to serving the client in an efficient and timely manner.

From Manager Of Facilities – Nation’s Largest U.S.-Based Publicly Traded Water Company

Crystal Technologies has been a real “ace-in-the-hole” for Dilworth Paxson. Not only were they precise in the design and implementation of their own part in the Firm’s relocation, but they jumped in to diagnose and correct data and voice problems from other vendors. Day, night, Saturday, Sunday, whatever the time, Crystal was persistent in their support until everything was resolved. They remain so to this day.

From IT Director – Legacy Philadelphia Based Law Firm

Over the eight years or so that Crystal has been my telecom consulting company, we consistently have had the best mix of service and price. They have negotiated very competitive prices with quality partners. Time and time again, they have jumped through hoops when service issues arose. Early on, we recognized that the telecom industry was changing rapidly and that having unbiased experts on our side was required in order to maximize our service levels and minimize cost. We knew the people at Crystal from their telecom days and had very high opinions of their professionalism. They are an excellent partner.

From CIO – International Transportation Company Providing Domestic And International Delivery Services

Due to the number of offices we have, the phone bills were becoming unmanageable, and we thought that we might be missing savings. We were afraid that we also might be paying charges for services and lines that we did not need. We aren’t staffed to have an employee devoted to managing this.

Crystal mapped out all of our lines in all of our offices and the associated charges. They made recommendations for eliminating lines that we didn’t need and special features we weren’t using. Then, they worked to ensure that we got the credits from the phone companies.

My Crystal account representative is like a member of my own staff. She keeps me in the loop when there are issues and is always there to help whenever I have a problem with a bill or adding or deleting service–not an easy job with all of the locations that we have. Having our account rep makes all the difference. She is so responsive and detail-oriented. Other vendors usually require a great deal of handholding. Our account rep is always on the ball!

I would highly recommend Crystal Technologies. Over the years, they have not only saved us money on our phone services, but they eliminate the stress of dealing with the bureaucracy of the phone companies.

From Director Of Global Telecommunications And Networking – Leading International Real Estate Firm

Crystal Technologies was instrumental in our office relocation. After working with me on the options, they handled all of the coordination and details. My staff and I were freed up to work on other aspects of the move project. Crystal also has been instrumental in helping us renegotiate our contracts as well as streamline our services. We have been able to cut our cost significantly.

From IT Director – National Law Firm Based In Philadelphia

Crystal Technologies has been our telecommunications partner for almost 10 year. They are routinely coming up with better ways to do business and are a valuable asset to our corporation.

From MIS Manager – A Leading Source In Lighting

Crystal Technologies has exceeded our expectations. In one instance, Crystal was on the phone all night to resolve an issue with our phone lines. Other companies are not able to give personalized service and usually never proactively resolve issues like Crystal does. I would recommend Crystal to any company that wants to have a person managing phone services on a full-time basis.

From Manager Of Telecommunications – Leading Provider Of Software, Employee Research And Hiring And Retention Of Employees