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It’s no secret.

During these unprecedented times, the reliance on secure, safe, and effective communication has become paramount.  Companies are facing the unique challenge of maintaining excellent customer service while navigating the “new normal” of working from home.  As such, Crystal Technologies has partnered with 8×8 to help our clients maintain communication and collaboration while serving their customer’s needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Tuesday April 14
1pm Eastern (Full Registration Closed)


Thursday April 16
1pm Eastern

Choose from either of the two virtual meetings to learn how we enable employees, contact center agents, teachers, students, and healthcare professionals to Work From Home (WFH) and maintain business continuity using 8×8 Video Meetings for FREE!

  • Work From Home – The New Normal
  • Home is Where the Meeting is – Communications & Collaboration
  • Demo of Free 8×8 Video Meetings
  • Crystal Technologies – WFH Services


And be safe out there. Let’s get through this together!